Technical Information

Please find Saint Astray’s technical information here.

In case of any questions please use already provided contact information or email Saint Astray at providing your name and phone number.

A technical contact will then reach out to you.

On-stage setup


Saint Astray has six members:

  • Drums
  • Keys
  • Vocals
  • Bass
  • Guitar 1
  • Guitar 2

Drum set can be shared among other bands except cymbals, foot machines, snare drums, stools, sticks and other movable equipment. Saint Astray will use a shared drum set if provided.


Venue’s backline equipment, cables, drum microphones and Sound personal (Mixing Engineer) needs to be provided for audience sound.


Band uses standalone InEar Monitoring. No global in-line splitting or interference with stage’s cable management required. Saint Astray are splitting on every instrument separately.

This approach also minimzies changeover times.

Sound XLR Lines

A minimum of 6x XLR lines is needed:

Intro, Backings and Keyboards share 2x XLR lines to FoH. Bass, Guitar 1 and Guitar 2 (3x XLR total) are using digital PODs with XLR DI out to FoH. Vocals need 1x XLR line.


Lights: Venue’s lights are required.

Saint Astray can bring own lights and light personal, if required. Setup and usage of control hardware can be agreed on separately.

Stage Overview

You can download our PDF rider by clicking on the picture.