Saint Astray brings Dark Melodic Metal to all rock/metal audiences in Germany, neighboring countries and if whished: the whole world.

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Shadow Dial

Released: Nov 11th 2022

The time on the shadow clock runs relentlessly! Where darkness has just prevailed, now the glistening light leads in twelve epic songs through twelve breathtaking worlds – one more ominous than the other.
Massive riffs combined with artfully designed melodies: With Shadow Dial, Saint Astray have created a unique body of work, which is more powerful and driving than ever before in its gloomy melodic spell.


Released: Mar 24th 2017
(Edelstahl Records)

Apr 7th 2016
(Limited Edition)

Expressive vocals, catchy keys and hard guitar riffs characterize the unique style and underline the special character of this multi-faceted work. A face, the mirror of a soul tormented by dark thoughts, sinks into the depths. The album cover points the way into the Eternal Ice and this breaks under those who have taken the wrong path.

Far From Innocence

Released: Feb 2nd 2023

Sep 9th 2013

Saint Astray master the scene even without mass-compatible choruses, but are rather experts in gripping and convincing sounds. 10 tacks on their first genre release, and not a single sag, – this is a result that can be seen without question.

Album number one convinces with variety and catchy songs, which do not always follow the black protocol, but rather positively represent the black artwork with surprising sound structures through real listening fun.

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